Intelligent interfaces in versatile supply chains


ISI-WALK is a research project funded by the German Federal Ministery of Education and Research. The abbreviation stands for "Intelligente Schnittstellen in wandlungsfaehigen Lieferketten" which translates into "intelligent interfaces in versatile supply chains".

The three-year project runs from July 1th, 2010 until June 30th, 2013. Project partners include numerous companies and research institutions, e.g. Continental, Mahle, and Jungheinrich. The results of the research project are made available to the participating companies and thus also to a large number of customers and suppliers.

Challenges of today's supply chains

Nowadays supply chains are increasingly fragmented. Often companies have to respond spontaneously due to sudden fluctuations caused by a lower or higher demand. They e.g. have to provide additional room for storage.

For reasons of efficiency, nowadays most stores are automatized. While efficiency grows with increasing automation, flexibility decreases. This problem can be solved by a storage system that gets independently and adapts to new situations when necessary.

Objectives & benefits of the project

Simultaneously to human cognitive skills, intelligent transport and storage systems are to be developed in the ISI-WALK project. These systems shall not only recognize their environment but also draw conclusions, acquire knowledge, and communicate information to IT systems.

The project objectives are to ...

– design versatile transport and storage systems
– develop versatile IT systems in supply chains
– work out methods for planning and evaluating of adaptability in supply chains.

These objectives are implemented using the example of storage and outsourcing processes with industrial trucks.

Join the working committee

To guarantee a mutual exchange of experience between participating partners and other companies throughout the project, a working committee has been established.  Every company interested in participating can join the committee.

Organized by the IPH, the committee addresses developers of optical technologies and manufacturing companies, using optical technologies or working in an industry requiring high flexibility. Information, e.g. on upcoming meetings, are to be announced on this web page.

To learn more

The project is coordinated by the IPH – Institut für Integrierte Produktion Hannover gemeinnuetzige GmbH, a non-profit limited company based in Hanover, Germany. For more information, please contact   Mr. Sven Heißmeyer resp.   Mr. Stephan Meers.

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